OTR Tire Recycling Machine

Western Tire Recyclers developed its own processing equipment capable of handling tires of any size. Heavy-duty and highly sophisticated, this specialized tire recycling machine allows us to do our job in the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective manner.

We brought together a team of experts to address the need for equipment that has the capabilities to process the world’s largest tires. Fabricators, engineers, and machinists collaborated and utilized years of experience and expertise to build what would be one of Western Tire Recyclers’ proudest conceptions: our very own OTR tire recycling equipment.

Our machine can reduce OTRs of any size in a variety of ways. It removes all the rubber from the outside of the tire first and then cuts the tire in any position as many times as necessary. It can reduce the tire into products that will be sold, or smaller pieces that can be processed using conventional equipment. It can cut giant tires into valuable water tanks, strips used for a variety of scraper edges, or into even smaller pieces. Recycling giant OTRs has never been easier, safer, more efficient, or cost-effective.


We have been using this machine for two years and have consistently proven its durability. We run it every day, all day, with zero downtime.

Along with our experience and expertise, we are excited to offer this machine to help our clients succeed and contribute to the OTR recycling industry. If you have OTR recycling problems, we have the solution.

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