Opportunity and Constant Innovations

Never before has there been OTR processing equipment like this. We want to see our hard earned experience to help grow the OTR recycling industry. We get calls from all over the globe and the story is always the same, they have scrap OTR problems and it is a growing concern. We have OTR Solutions.


We are offering this equipment along with our experience to help you succeed.


We are OTR recyclers, that’s what we do, we have used our experience and know-how to create a piece of equipment that is off-the-shelf ready to make you a successful OTR recycling business. We know first-hand the value this equipment brings to a business. It brings that value to our business everyday. Let us help you move forward with recycling and succeed.

Constant Innovations

We fully understand that OTR recycling is a developing industry. Our business depends on an open-minded approach to find the best ways to recycle OTR’s. OTR Solutions is constantly working on improvements as well as developing new and cutting edge equipment and technology to improve and enhance the usability, effectiveness and in the end, profitability of using this equipment. We are currently perfecting our OTR Solutions Bead Puller. Being OTR recyclers ourselves gives us the ability to research, develop, and most importantly, do extensive testing on new equipment. Let us help you, we know what works!


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