Important Tire Check Items to Consider

Important Tire Check Items to Consider

At Recycle OTR and Western Tire Recyclers, we’re proud of our OTR tire recycling services. Our technology keeps harmful waste from these oversized tires from reaching areas it shouldn’t, and we do it at a minimal cost to you.

Before you come to a point where you need our services, you want to be sure you’re getting the maximum possible life out of your tires in the first place. Here are a couple important areas for OTR tire checks that you should be sure to consider.

Inflation Pressure

Inflation pressure is one of the most important individual factors when it comes to the life of any tire, especially larger ones like OTR tires. At least once every two weeks, and ideally more like once a week, you should be checking the pressure of all your OTR tires on all vehicles.

Not only will checking these pressure levels have a major impact on the tires themselves, it will have a major impact on the entire vehicle. Ensuring tires are at their ideal pressure level will keep there from being too much pressure on other areas of the vehicle, especially if you’re properly coordinating elements like application, load type, haul distance and terrain being driven over.

Performance Analysis

At each pressure check, data will be recorded regarding the tire quality. Over time, this data will become more robust and cover a larger sample. This means that after a period of time, you can draw a graph and examine the trends of your OTR tires. You can view tire performance based on operating hours, wear state or pressure levels. For companies looking to forecast the intervals necessary for purchasing new ties, this is a vital consideration.


If any damage or leaking valves are found during inspection, either you or a service technician will need to use a prompt-intervention kit to solve the issue. If the issue can’t be solved, you might simply have to replace the tire.

For more on important tire checks, or to learn about our OTR tire disposal services, speak to the experts at Recycle OTR today.

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