About us

In 2009 Western Tire Recyclers was created with the goal of becoming the premier OTR tire recycler for the Western United States and beyond. Western Tire Recyclers is committed to recycling responsibly – our job is to use best practices to sustainably recycle OTR’s in an effective and efficient manner. Western Tire Recycler’s Northern Utah facility is custom-designed to process OTR’s in a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective manner.


Western Tire Recyclers is strictly a recycler and does not salvage or repair any tires.

The need for good equipment that can do the extreme job of destroying OTR’s led the principals of Western Tire Recyclers to develop our own processing equipment, both for Western Tire Recyclers as well as replicating the sophisticated equipment for others to effectively participate in recycling. OTR Solutions is the result of our years of hard earned experience processing the world’s largest tires, all day, everyday


We assembled a team of very talented fabricators, machinists, and engineers and applied all of our years of experience processing 1000‘s of giant OTR’s and have built our dream machine for recycling OTRs. We process giant OTR’s all day – everyday, and this new equipment was built from the ground up to handle the very largest tires (even full of sold ice) and not break. We have been running this machine very hard now for 2 years with zero down time. No one understands recycling large amounts of OTR’s like we do, and no machine out there is built with that knowledge incorporated right from the drawing board. We are excited to offer this equipment, along with our experience and expertise, to help others move forward recycling OTR’s.