Off The Road Tire Recycling

Western Tire Recyclers is the leading OTR tire recycling company in Utah. Our company was established in 2009, and has been recycling large tires every day since.

OTR Solutions has the equipment and systems to handle OTR tires of all sizes in a variety of ways. Our facility in Northern Utah is custom-designed to recycle and process OTRs in a safe, effective, and sustainable manner. No other company understands and does recycling large volumes of OTRs like we do.

One-of-a-kind Processing Machine

We have a machine that has significantly improved the recycling process, built from the ground up by a team of engineers, fabricators, and machinists that we put together. Today, this machine is capable of processing gigantic tires and is in operation every day with zero downtime.


The heavy-duty equipment can reduce tires of any size in any position and as many times as necessary, making the process of recycling large tires more efficient, more cost-effective, and safer than ever. We process your tires into a variety of valuable products, including premium rubber mulch, mulched water tanks, and recycled rubber buffings.


Together with our expertise and experience, we are proud to offer this machine to meet your needs. With constant innovation, we will continue to contribute to the discovery of the best practices in OTR recycling, while we successfully serve our clients and partners. Let our team help you move forward and succeed in your own projects.

Strictly OTR Recyclers

Unlike other companies, we exclusively recycle OTRs, and do not repair or salvage tires. Our experience and knowledge are strictly focused on providing solutions for our clients’ recycling needs.

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